Website Changes

Website Changes

The time has come where I decided I needed a change to my websites.

After using Wordpress for years I have decided it was time to move on and I am currently in the process of breaking my sites apart and moving them from Wordpress to Jekyll. Wordpress has become so heavy that it has become an issue to host, not to mention the constant updates. Everytime I open my Wordpress dashboard I have a pile of updates for Wordpress, plugins, and themes which I need to keep on top of due to the constant security issues. Between that and the heavyness of Wordpress I decided to move over to Jekyll. Not only does this make the site run a lot lighter, but it also makes it so I can build and test locally then just rsync the changes to the actual site. During this process I also decided to break my sites back up as it doesn’t make sense to pile everyting in one site anymore. Currently I am in the process of moving all the tech stuff from to While doing this I am also rebuilding in Jekyll but there is a lot of reformatting needed so it may take awhile before the change gets pushed out. While this is happening I’m moving all the stuff staying on to Once finished it will all get moved back to

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